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Buying a house

Currently, foreign nationals can purchase a house in Japan the same way as Japanese people, and landowning is also recognized. There are no restrictions no matter the purpose of purchase.
However, whether the purchase is approved and whether it can be purchased is another matter. The major factor in this matter is “permanent residence”

For those with permanent residence status.

Those who have permanent residence have a great advantage in mortgage loan screening.
We have record of obtaining home loan with a changing interest rate from 0.49%* of.
We support our customers selecting a suitable financial institution with our knowledge and experience. Having your own home in Japan is not just a dream. Why don’t you take this opportunity and consult with us?
*terms and conditions apply.

For those with other resident status

Do not worry. Even if you do not have permanent residence status, you can buy a house.
However, the interest rate may be higher than a general house loan, or you may not be able to choose the rate type. As we have a partnership with administrative scriveners, we can propose an optimal loan plan even before acquiring permanent residence. If you are interested in acquisition of permanent residence and/or house loan, please feel free to contact us.