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Renting or selling a house

Renting or Selling
For owners who want to rent or sell real estate.

Japan Housing was founded in May 2005 as a real estate company specializing in housing for foreigners. We are currently assisting corporations, such as embassies and foreign-affiliated companies, searching for real estate and managing their company housing. By reviews and introductions from this opportunity, both individual customers and expatriates reach out to us. As the increase in real estate vacancy rate due to social issues such as declining birthrate and aging population, we will once bring up domestic demand and meet the needs of real estate owners in new markets. Therefore, we become the bridge between foreigners and real estate owners, and we eliminate any concerns real estate owners might have with cultural differences and language barriers.

We can solve problems such as below:

(If you entrust your search for real estate in Japan to us, we will solve issues such as below)

<case1> I want to rent to foreigners, but I am concerned, or I am currently renting but having trouble.

Most of troubles that occurs are due to misunderstandings caused by differences in culture and language. We offer advice to both owners and applicants to establish mutual understanding. For owners, we listen to their requests when looking for new residents, and we propose target groups and prices so that contracts can be signed smoothly. Depending on the situation, we also provide consultation regarding remodeling etc. For applicants, when showing available properties, we also create an opportunity to explain culture and lifestyle in Japan and provide support such as translation of contracts. By anticipating possible problems in advance and proposing improvement measures, we make sure that contracts can be signed comfortably for both sides. Even after contracting, we offer support on a regular basis for both owners and tenants.

<case2>I own real estate, but I am not sure whether I should rent or sell.

Real estate is a permanent asset, and large assets can be formed depending on how it is managed. We pay attention to various data such as market trends and make sure to pursue the best choice for owners in a long-term asset management perspective.

Renting out real estate

Many choose to rent out their real estate when being away for a short period of time. Real estate can be rented out with a fixed-term lease if the time of absence is determined on beforehand. As the lease is only for a limited period, monthly rent tends to be 10-15% cheaper. The advantage of this is that it is easy to manage because the time to move out is set. With a regular rental contract, the amount can be set higher than a fixed-term contract. In this case, since the owner has restrictions on early cancellations of the contract, a special contract can be made to prevent any trouble. There are also applicants who come to Japan as “expatriates” for a certain period, and then go back to their country. In this case, it is easy to match both sides needs with fixed-term lease. As foreigners tend to prefer already furnished properties, rent may be set higher also for fixed-term leases if furniture and home appliances is provided. In this way, me make proposals with flexible ideas based on our experience to prevent unaccompanied properties in the real estate market.

Selling real estate

In the case of selling real estate, often it is easier to receive offers on properties in good condition and with a good location. However, this is not always the case. A lot of foreign customers who visit us, consider the age of the property as beauty, and do not mind inconveniences such as it being a bit far away from the station. We can introduce customers with different values than Japanese. If you are an owner from foreign original, we can also introduce customers from the same culture.

Renovating, and/or cleaning real estate

It goes without saying that there is a higher possibility to get offers when renting or selling a house in good condition. We also offer advice on remodeling and renovation tailored to various cultures, so that the possibility for contracts can increase.

Entrusting property management

Direct interaction with the resident may be a heavy burden for the real estate owner. We deal with everything on behalf of the owner, such as collecting rent, interaction when moving in, repairs and contract renewals. In addition, we cooperate with tax accountants to manage the rental income when non-residents and non-permanent residents in Japan are the owners.