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Language Barriers

30% of our staff are from various countries, and most have experience living abroad. We can provide services in languages such as English, Chinese, Korean, Tamil, Tagalog, and Norwegian. We will support you with everything from guidance to contracts in several languages, so you can sign up with ease.

Cultural Barriers

We assist you through your life in Japan, for instance as introduction of guarantee companies, opening and closing of utilities, seminars about living in Japan and support of permanent visa acquisition. Support is also provided for real estate companies and owners who have any concerns with renting out to foreigners.

Internal Barriers

We propose free consultation and guidance using ZOOM, and we also offer management of real estate assets together with groups of professionals. With the motto “Making Japan a second home”, we always keep in mind to provide services in consideration to our customers perspective and solve any problems related to real estate together.

About “JH Lifetime Navigation”

With our motto “Making Japan a Second Home”, Japan Housing welcomes you with total support for everything related to your home. Starting with remote free consultation and guidance, we support you when renting an apartment or house. We can also provide help with acquisition of permanent residence and loan for those who wish to purchase property in Japan. In addition, we respond to consultations on “property management,” related tax measures, asset management, and also selling when leaving Japan. We support all scenes related to “home” from entry to return. If you have any problems with “house” in Japan, please contact Japan Housing!


When starting a new life in Japan, the first thing you stumble upon is “searching for a property.”
This can be a difficult situation for foreigners due to language and the system of renting in Japan with deposit money, gratuity fee and guarantors.
Japan Housing provides properties that meet the needs of our customers with our unique property information and the know-how we have built over the years.


We offer a wide range of properties including rental, but also properties for purchasing and investment. Although buying a property is more complicated than renting, we do not only search for properties based on the needs of each customer, but also offer detailed information and individualized services.
We also provide support renovating towards an ideal home for customers who are considering this.

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We will fully support foreigners who are considering selling real estate. Especially when it comes to negotiation and cultural differences, we will support with mutual understanding.
In order to create the ideal lifestyle for our customers in the future, we guarantee that everything from investment and after will be handled by our experienced agents.

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