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In accordance with our motto “Make Japan your second home”, we will do our best to support you in finding a place to live.

Japan Housing have received praise from companies and customers for our following features.

Our unique features

Japan Housing introduces a wide range of properties accordingly to the needs of our customers.
When looking for a property in Japan, you do not only stumble across differences in language, but also differences in culture and Japanese real estate business customs. You may feel unfamiliar with conditions such as “key money” and “guarantee company” in Japanese real estate.

At Japan Housing, with our many years of experience in real estate services for foreigners, we provide support in procedures from introducing properties to negotiating conditions accordingly to the needs of our customers.

UR rental housing /Private housing rental

Finding UR housing

UR housing or Urban Renaissance Agency is a public independent administrative corporation. What is most appealing, is that the initial cost (for contracts) can be reduced. No key money, brokerage fee is required, only two months’ rent as a security deposit (depending on the contract conditions), daily rent and common service fee. Also, there is no fee when renewing the contract. Guarantor is not required and there is no obligation to get a fire insurance. Anyone can sign a contract if they pass the examination of income etc. We have many achievements and pleased customers since also foreigners can move in smoothly.

Finding general (private) rental housing

What is most appealing with private properties, are all the choices.
It is possible to find a property that meets all your needs, budget, and facilities.
There are many private properties that are newly built and with easy access. For those who already have decided what area they want to live in, it may be easier to find a private property compared to UR housing.