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Real estate brokerage business

When starting a new life in Japan, one of the first things you will stumble upon is finding a place to live. Due to issues such as security deposit, key money, and joint guarantor, foreigners have difficulty renting in terms of system and language. Thanks to the expertise we have cultivated over the years, Japan Housing can support foreign residents in all aspects of the process, from finding a place to live to signing a lease, dealing with problems during the tenancy, and moving out.

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When starting a new life in Japan, the first thing you stumble upon is “searching for a property.”
This can be a difficult situation for foreigners due to language and the system of renting in Japan with deposit money, gratuity fee and guarantors.
Japan Housing provides properties that meet the needs of our customers with our unique property information and the know-how we have built over the years.




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We offer a wide range of properties including rental, but also properties for purchasing and investment. Although buying a property is more complicated than renting, we do not only search for properties based on the needs of each customer, but also offer detailed information and individualized services.
We also provide support renovating towards an ideal home for customers who are considering this.

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We introduce a wide range of properties, from residential to investment properties, to foreigners who are considering purchasing real estate.
Real estate transaction is more complicated compared to leasing. In addition, searching for properties based on the needs of each customer, we also provide detailed support and individualized services.

Company housing management business

We offer a one-stop service to provide you with the best plan for your stay, whether it is short term or long term, single or family.
In the case of company housing, we will install as much furniture, appliances, and other necessary items as you need before coming to Japan, and we will also contact utility providers on your behalf.(gas, electricity, and water) Your house will be ready to live in when you arrive in Japan.
If you are planning to come to Japan, just send an email request to Japan Housing.


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Seminar Business

Our seminars are filled with information to support your life in Japan. We hold seminars on "how to live in Japan" for foreign employees stationed in Japan to help them feel less confused and anxious about life in Japan, and resolve various concerns.