To Owners

Japan Housing`s Rental management

For being in charge of Real Estate owner’s property, we got over 10 years experience in the real estate industry, and experienced staffs.
And also, we are proud of our smooth and heart-warming concierge services .

Service contents of rental management

Enrich sales network and sense of speed
  • Speedy, Immediately
  • Information distribution strategy through the Internet
  • PR activities for foreigners own network
Flexible proposal based on actual results
  • Investigation of the property market rent, assessments(free)
  • Business reporting to the vacancy(How do you increase the residents?)
  • Multilingual(English Chinese Spanish)
Procedures when Contract Conclusion
  • Background check on potential apartment tenant
  • Renewal/ Cancelation process
  • Guarantee Company Investigation
  • Present at the time of move-in and leave
  • Adjustment of the deposit, take charge of the deposit
Care after move in
  • Collection rent fee
  • Remittance to an owner, publication of the details
  • Rent fee or Demand of the fee for common service, collection
  • Present at the time of move-in and leave, and damage check
  • Measures for the harmful act
  • Correspondence in a neighborhood and the town people
  • Emergency measures
  • Communication adjustment between owner and tenants
  • 24/hour cope with trouble
Training business
  • How to use Residence orientation
    Supervised by NPO Kanagawa Sumai Support Center
  • Suggestion such as long(middle)-term repair plans
  • Advice about the asset use

Business contents

Pursuing the best services of concierge for real estate seems a race never ends. We serch for the originality as a happy maker of the people through the advanced and strategic business adopting the forefront IT techniques. We provide the combined management of a company apartment for both Japanese and foreigners in our real estate services. We arrange an apartment, airline ticket and VISA for our customer whenever, wherever they need.