Seminar of Living Guide



We, Japan Housing are having the seminar for the foreign resident employees who are working in Japan.

We think the resident employees face the change of life style.
And also, the difference is the same for the most Japanese who have never experienced living in overseas, and it may cause misunderstanding, and complains.
Most of our employees have experienced living in overseas.
They know how hard it is, and the difference between living in Japan and living in other countries.
That is why with our experience, we would like to offer you the seminar for your resident employees coming to Japan to live comfortably.

In near future, considering the work environment with more foreigners working in Japan, we would like to offer you the seminar starting from “How to live in Japan” to “Examples of living problems”.
We hope that the cost for company housing will be decreased, and your resident employees will live in Japan happily and love Japan.
For the governmental organizations, please use the seminar for better living environment with foreigners.
And for the owners, please use the seminar for better relationship between you and the foreign tenants.

Thank you very much.