Services for corporations

Japan Housing supports the search for rooms for foreign nationals of corporate companies. We provide rental contracts, secure electricity, gas and water, register residence cards, and provide orientation to Japanese life, and provide one-stop services from entry to departure.

Real estate brokerage business

When you start a new life in Japan, the first thing that gets stuck is "Find a Property." Overseas people such as security deposits, key money, and guarantors are difficult to borrow in the system and language. With the know-how that Japan Housing has cultivated over many years, it is possible to support foreigners in everything from property search, lease contracts, troubleshooting during occupancy, and departure procedures.

Training business

When the expatriates arrive in Japan, the most confusing thing is the change in living environment. The same is true for many Japanese who have never lived abroad, which can lead to misunderstandings and dissatisfaction between both sides. Therefore, we would like to take advantage of our knowledge and experience to undertake orienteering of life for expatriates coming to Japan.

●生活支援動画掲載中 Life support video posted

To the owners

Our company says, "Owners who have unoccupied houses but are worried about communicating with foreigners." We are in the middle of "Foreign Residents Who Need to Find a Property but Have Difficulty in Interacting in Japanese" to help mutual understanding based on cultural differences. We specialize in rental housing, rental stores, warehouses for rent, and brokerage of real estate transactions specializing in foreigners.

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