Company Housing Management Service

Our 5 Features

Features 1 Cut costs
・ Japan Housing can help you to save management costs of company housing.

・ Cost reduction will be realized by introducing our system which making full use of
know-how such as using service of partner companies.

Features 2 Prompt response, Time savings

・ No need to panic sudden schedule changes.
We can take care of sudden relocation and extension of the stay period in Japan.
We will deal with those problems immediately.

Features 3 Adaptable

・ We are able to adjust readily to difficult conditions more effectively than major companies.
Please ask even if there are strict internal rules.

・ We handle properties not only the Kanto region, but also local cities across the country.
Ex Osaka, Nagoya, Kobe , Hiroshima, Shizuoka, Gunma.

・ Service available from a short term stay such as business trip of a day, up to long term stay for several years.
We can introduce a variety of properties, apartment rental Condominium Hotels and so forth.
Mediate corporative special price may be available if you choose an accommodation which has business partnerships with Japan Housing.
Relocation between properties can be performed smoothly by changing the living period.

Short term…1day, 1week, 1month
Medium/Long term…3month
Long term…1year-3years

・ Furniture can be arranged upon request

Features 4 Feel easy, good-heartedness

・ All staff speak English, also available in Chinese.

・ We are familiar with troubles that often occur with Japanese owners or Japanese neighbors when foreigners stay in Japan.

・ Our company has a mediation department only for foreign customers, so we perform pre-orientation to prevent these troubles.
Also when troubles occur, we deal with problems immediately.

Features 5 Reliance

・ Cultivated know-how with customers of foreign companies are a certificate of trust that other companies cannot imitate.
We are making efforts to evolve this know-how to satisfy our customers more.

Main services

Acting payments (rent, maintenance fee etc.) to lessor

Support for open utilities

Administrative procedures related to name change, update, and cancel lease contracts

Negotiation and payment of cost of restoring properties to original condition

Adjustment procedure and payment of deposit when customers vacant the properties

Workshops of lifestyle guidance and advice to foreign customers *これ加えました

Lifestyle guidance and advice to foreign employees:
-Guidance when employees arrive in Japan
-Consultation for Japanese lifestyle
– Help utility services
– Help with daily troubles
– Guidance for moving / leave, furniture removal